Globalisation of business and markets are the
trends of this century. Foreign companies are
continuing to strengthen their presence in the
Baltic countries, while Baltic companies extend
their business to neighbouring states – Estonians
are interested in Latvian and Lithuanian market,
Lithuanians are coming to Latvia and Estonia,
Latvian companies extend their business both
North and South.

Many foreign companies perceive the three Baltic
countries as one business region. Often they have
a representative or central office in one of the
countries, where it coordinates the business
in all three.

The easiest and most effective way to conduct public
relations activities is through one PR agency, who in
turn coordinates the activities in all three Baltic states.

However, in order to provide a service of the same
high and guaranteed quality simultaneously in Estonia,
Latvia and Lithuania one has to have equally strong
partners and local expertise in all three of those
countries. Hence, a need for a strong network of
PR companies was recognised.

As is often a case if a successful PR company in
one country decides to enlarge to other markets, the
strange business and social environment causes the
representing office in another country not to be as
successful as the mother company. Although often
viewed as a common economic space, the three
countries are rather different.
That is why we chose the way of co-operation
between different partners, who had all
proved themselves in their native country. And this
approach has proved to be very successful.

PR Net Baltic was established namely to meet the
need for providing such large-scale, yet unified service.

In the course of our co-operation, several successful
projects and campaigns have already been carried
out in the Baltic region – similar, yet slightly adapted
in each country. We have worked out a common
planning and reporting system, as well as
synchronised price system.

Our trans-Baltic clients are content to communicate
though only one main contractor, yet be sure to receive
the service of equal quality in all three countries.

Effective, fast and client-friendly are the
three key words best suited to describe PR Net Baltic.
And also recognised by clients who wish to do business
in more than one Baltic country.