1. Equally High Quality standard of services in
all three countries.
2. Unified Approach & Clear Principles.
We all have defined PR in the same way and besides good theoretical background of our consultants we are using experience and know-how, obtained in everyday practice; our Clients do not have to pay for experimentation.
3. Fluent Communication.
Activities can be co-ordinated from all Baltic countries.
The Client does not have to control and finance activities in three different locations and currencies: reporting, liasing and invoicing is done on centralised basis.
4. Cost Effectiveness.
Thanks to effective management, united experience and creative potential of partners in three countries, we can offer reasonable pricing for best value services.
5. Ability and Resources to swiftly manage large-scale projects in the whole Baltic region.
Our Clients have on their disposal the intellectual and administrative potential of experienced PR consultants in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
6. Transparent and Simple Procedures to get feedback and to control PR activities. For smooth administration and management of the projects we have elaborated various work routines and forms of reporting.